The Survival Summit Green Beret’s No-Nonsense Bug Out 4 Disc Set

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Unlock the realm of ultimate readiness with this groundbreaking film. Experience a transformative blend of military expertise and wilderness acumen distilled into a structured and actionable preparedness system.

Film Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 Hours and 30 Minutes (270 Minutes)
  • The Expertise: Joshua Enyart, a seasoned Army Ranger and Green Beret, seamlessly blends his military prowess with advanced wilderness skills to guide you through genuine survival strategies.
  • The Core System: Dive deep into a robust system crafted from Joshua’s personal experiences, ensuring you and your family are prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Basics of Preparedness: Understand the nuanced differences between survival, bushcraft, and preparedness.
  2. Decisions & Strategy: Learn when to hunker down (“bug in”) vs. when to move (“bug out”), balancing safety and resources.
  3. Comprehensive Kit Breakdown: Dive into essential gear recommendations for diverse environments, including urban settings and cold climates.
  4. Skills Over Gear: Equip yourself not just with tools, but with the crucial knowledge to utilize them effectively.
  5. Strategic Staging: Understand the art of creating caches along escape routes, ensuring essential supplies without overburdening oneself.
  6. Navigation Mastery: Adopt efficient cross-country movement techniques that served Joshua during his rigorous Special Forces training.
  7. Stealth and Security: Discover discreet methods for water procurement, fire-making, and shelter-building, minimizing visibility to potential threats.
  8. Bonus Insights: Gain exclusive access to Joshua’s tactical kits, coupled with a deep dive into firearm and caliber choices for diverse defense scenarios.

In-Depth Topics Covered:

  • PACE Planning: An advanced system to navigate emergencies.
  • Equipment Essentials: From baseline bug out bags to specific kits tailored to urban and cold environments.
  • Caching Mastery: Techniques for efficient and discreet storage and recovery of supplies.
  • Stealth Skills: Including Dakota Fire Pit and opportunistic shelters.
  • Tactical Insights: Covering camouflage, concealment, and comprehensive firearm strategies.
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